Collect is a smart, insight-based loyalty and rewards solution that helps smart stores connect with customers. Increase customer engagement and loyalty, by creating more rewarding relationships with your customers.

 Collect for Customers

For your customers, it’s your loyalty and rewards program. It’s easy to join and fun to be a part of. They can join your loyalty program in-store, online or with the free iPhone and Android app. Reach them anywhere, any time, on their smartphones.

They can check their points balance and rewards, receive exclusive offers, view mobile receipts and get points notifications, as soon as they purchase, giving them instant gratification and a reason to come back.

It’s Your Loyalty Program

Encourage customer loyalty, with loyalty rewards that they can unlock with the points they collect at your store.

You control the value of your points, and the rewards and offers that make up your loyalty program. It’s your own customer database. Collect keeps your data updated and secure

Smartly Integrated With POS

Depending on your POS set-up, Collect can be smartly POS integrated or stand alone.

Collect’s seamless integration with POS makes it quick and easy to add customers and redeem rewards, without leaving your POS screen. No need for additional hardware. And it’s 100% measurable.

Collect Customer Insight

Gather smart insight on your customers’ preferences and spending habits. All the analysis is done for you, making it easy to understand and act on.

Recognize who your top customers are and understand what products they love to buy.

Encourage Loyalty

Use this insight to create targeted and personalized offers, that your customers will love, to build relationships and encourage loyalty.

Encourage customers to shop again, with exclusive and enticing offers, sent straight to their smartphones. It’s the most effective form of marketing, with 90% of push notifications read within three seconds. Reach your customers anywhere, any time!

Grow Your Business

Extend your marketing reach to your customers’ friends. Incentivize your customers to refer their friends and share their rewarding experience on social media.