Business Systems are a critical part of every business. Spark Consulting specialises in the implementation of the newest integrated solutions to suit your business. We ensure that these systems underpin the successful running of the business by systemising, streamlining, integrating and automating critical business processes. This makes sure that the business owner has the information available to make important business decisions without worrying about how to find and consolidate data from various sources, and having to spend time with manual processing of business information. 

Importantly, we focus on cloud based technology that is specifically designed to make running a business easy. We integrate Point of Sales with Inventory Management and Online Stores, and  with Accounting Software, Customer Loyalty Software, and Direct Marketing functionality, even booking and scheduling systems. They all work seamlessly together. Your business systems can grow with your business, you can add on as you need. 

We offer a multitude of services aimed at assisting businesses to become established with ease, thereby taking the stress out of getting your new business up and running. If you are an existing business and require assistance in enhancing the way you do business, we can show you how.