The order management system to power up your business

Inventory & Stock Management

Whether you’re a distributor, a brand owner selling wholesale or a direct to consumer eCommerce business, proper inventory management is crucial to ensuring the efficient operation of your business. TradeGecko’s inventory management system lets small business owners like you manage your inventory, orders, and customers from one place.


Create, edit, and email purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically while ensuring data accuracy. You can also generate reorder reports so you know exactly when to order more inventory

Inventory Optimization

TradeGecko’s inventory management system allows you to have the right amount of stock at the right time. Streamline your internal operations through automated demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and reorder points.

Inventory Control

Improve stock and inventory tracking through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made. With TradeGecko, you can manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, and in multiple currencies.


Streamline your inventory operations with backordering by pre-ordering inventory and fulfilling orders on time. Our inventory system allows you to consolidate sales orders and ensure visibility on unfulfilled orders.

Your own B2B eCommerce store

Give your distributors private access to your catalogue through your very own private online wholesale store. Create a custom domain for your store, set custom prices, deals, branding in a few clicks.

Custom Pricing

Build custom pricing lists for different retailers. In other words, your customers see what you want them to see.

Custom Pricing

Expand internationally. We work so you can have a store that's open 24/7, accesible from anywhere.


Brand Consistency

Everything with your logo on it. Whitelabels, invoices- even your paperwork will have you written all over it.

Simple and Sexy

We do all the heavy lifting and make you look good. Reordering, pricing, customization- seamless and easy.

MultiChannel Sales

Integrate your favourite online store or marketplace and TradeGecko will automatically sync inventory between channels, locations and warehouses. That's real-time inventory!

Sell internationally with multiple currencies

Sell online in any country and in any currency. TradeGecko’s Multi Currency feature puts no limit on your operations. You can manage your inventory and accounting in your base currency and do business with your customers in different currencies.

Avoid Stockouts

All your sales channels will sync automatically with your inventory through TradeGecko. Once you sell an item on one channel, stock levels on all the other channels will be updated automatically. This ensures that your eCommerce stores never go out of stock.

Avoid blocking parts of your stock

Operating on a first come, first served basis - you no longer need to split inventory and block out stock levels for different sales channels because they are disconnected from each other.

Upload products to all eCommerce channels at one go

Update your products on TradeGecko and the information will be pushed automatically to all your eCommerce channels. Your online shops will always reflect the latest product details, available products, and the exact stock on hand for each item - all without you having to update each and every channel at a time.

Manage orders placed on different channels from one central order management software

No matter how many sales channels you have, all orders will come into TradeGecko where you can manage them efficiently with our workflow that offers you visibility on the fulfillment process.

Operations & Integrations

Integrate Xero, Quickbooks, shipping services, manage taxation and more. TradeGecko becomes your central base of operations so you can get back to growing your brand.

Trade Gecko seamlessly integrates with these leading systems

Reporting & Analytics

With analytics and reports, you can have complete intelligence over what is selling, who is selling it, on what channels, or just go ahead and create your own custom reports.

Metrics Access

Now you will be able to identify these metrics easily:

  1. Your best customers

  2. You most popular products/ variants
  3. Your best-performing sales channels
  4. Your top-grossing sales staff
  5. Your top warehouses or sales locations

Sales History Report

Check the list of all sales orders with their details and statuses. Each sales order displays: Issue Date, Shipment Date, Customer's Name, Invoice Number, Payment Status, Fulfillment Status, Sales Volume, Sales Value, Tax, Cost, Profit, and Profit Margin.

Sales History Report by Product or Variant

Filter the sales history report by product name or variant name.

Sales History Report by Customer

Filter the sales history report by Customer Name.

Sales History Report by Customer

Filter the sales history report by Customer Name.

Sales History Report by Sales Representative

Filter the sales history report by your Asignee / Personnel / Sales Representatives.

Sales History Report by Channel

Filter the sales history report by sales coming in from specific online shops.

Sales Order Report by Customer

See who your top customers are by generated revenue or profit. For each customer, it displays the Generated Sales Volume, Sales Value, COGS, Number of Orders, Average Sales, Average Profit and Projected Profit.

Sales Order Report by Product or Variant

Check your top products / variants by Generated Revenue or Profit. For each product / variant, it displays Generated Sales Volume, Sales Value, COGS, Number of Orders, Average Sales, Average Profit and Projected Profit.

Sales Order Report by Product Type

See what your top performing product categories are by revenue and profit.

Sales Order Report by Channel

Check which sales channel is generating more revenue or profit among your B2C or B2B online shops.

Sales Order Report by Sales Rep

Check who from your sales team is generating more revenue or profit.

Sales Order Report by Location

Check which warehouse or stock location is generating revenues or profits.

Sales Report by Time Period

See your daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, showing sales value, sales volume, costs, profits and profit margins.

Resources and Support

Whether you've got questions or comments, or just want to say hi - we'd love to hear from you! Spark Consulting is able to assist in our your Tradegecko needs.